Above, people keep it real from their perspective at Standing Rock, SD.

Cognitive Transparency Meditation

Traditional meditation practices could take months or years of continual, disciplined effort to experience or master life-changing benefits. At first, sitting quietly just isn't for everybody. Although meditation and mindfullness-related health practices are growing in the United States, [1] you don't need a poll to know that average Americans still struggle with integrating daily meditation practices in their lives.

Cognitive Transparecy Meditation (CTM) challenges traditional notions of how people can reach Beginner's Mind. [2] By practicing radical honesty from one's perspective in all things, one could, "watch the thinker" [3] as Echkart Tolle describes it, at a fast, intense and transformative pace. 

The effectiveness of CTM has not been tested in a labratory setting, and thus far the method has not been replicated. The concept was stumbled upon between January and April of 2018 by Zak Wear, a communications strategist who launched a social experiment called, "transparentZak." Zak practiced posting his exact, honest iterations on social media every day, even if it was considered embarrassing or concerning by friends, family and associates. Originally this project was intended to test how corporate leaders may practice radical honesty in the future. Before attempting transparentZak, Mr. Wear had very little experience with sitting meditation practices! But on the morning of February 28th, 2018 he woke up to the experience of Beginner's Mind. www.ctmeditation.com is intended to begin a rational dialogue about the possibilities of Cognitive Transparency Meditaiton as one tool in the wider mental healthcare revolution.

People who intend to practice CTM need lots of support and preparation from mental healthcare providers and loved ones. At this time, only healthy non-meditators should attempt this new lifestyle. Imagine an inexperienced meditator going from 0 hours of meditation a day to 12 hours-- this is very intense and requires close attention and care. Until mid-April Zak was smoking cannabis products, heavily, which significantly altered his mood and presence while attempting transparentZak. Now clean of his 5-year addiction to cannabis, Zak is enjoying a calm, healthy lifestyle with solid sleep, good diet, regular visits to CrossFit and a loving relationship with a, now relieved, fiance.

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