Zak Wear brings 10 years of experience as a campaign strategist, community organizer and communications researcher.

A graduate of Guilford College (B.A. Political Sciences,) Zak studied and practiced consensus decision-making process concerning Quaker worship, student government and worker-owned cooperative management. At age 19, he was hired as a full-time, paid Field Organizer by Barack Obama's Campaign for Change, serving as the second-youngest in Michigan's staff of 200. Since taking one semester off for campaigning wasn't enough, he continued as a rising Junior to serve the Virginia Democratic Party as a Field Orgnaizer in the 2009 general elections. At graduation, he tested top of his class in a Political Sciences Major Field Test administered among graduating seniors. No Honor Roll, though (shucks.)

Mr. Wear spent most of his time since graduation working as a community organizer and a communications research analyst. For the Topos Partnership, he worked as Assistant Research Director to develop national framing strategies for clients such as AARP, the Ford Foundation, Union of Concerned Scientists, among other non profit advocates. In 2016, Zak served as Campaign Manager and communications lead for Measure L-OVE, making Richmond, CA the first new rent control city in 33 years with 65.2% of the vote.