We already live in a world where most of us realize the illusion of, “privacy.” Developments in artificial intelligence could make it impractical, if not impossible to maintain our culture’s current ideals of what privacy means. These articles are for introducing you to the possibility of a transparent reality— life without privacy.


Sources Consulted

Policy papers, expert blogs and interviews to get deeper on automation-related trends and concepts.


Soup for Black Jesus

Not actual Jesus, but figuratively-speaking. When someone can harness the power of automation to feed, clothe, house, heal and educate hundreds or thousands of their neighbors, wouldn’t that mean they’re making a kind of miracle? A generation of young people are bubbling up now to become black and brown Jesus-es.

Limited Liability Robots: Anonymous Corporations Could Disrupt Automation

The growth of the, “dark net” or unaccountable, illegal business operations on the internet continues to grow. As decentralized applications and encryption technology continues to develop, we’re entering a reality where governments and Internet Service Providers are powerless to tax or regulate goods or services on the internet. In this article, we’ll explore a thought experiment about how artificial intelligence-based services could be transacted over the dark net. I call those types of businesses, anonymous corporations.


Fighting Crime With Transparency, Not Surveillance (Coming Soon)

If someone could send a self-driving truck with an automated tree harvesting system, how do you stop them from robbing the forest over night? If someone can build a little automated spider to drill a hole in your back door and pack itself up with cash and jewelry, how do you stop them? Our world will probably become pretty wacky when it comes to fighting robot crime, and we can only adapt with the Internet of Things (IoT.) Here we explore more.