Becoming A Transparent Warrior


Becoming A Transparent Warrior


If what I claim about Cognitive Transparency Meditation is true, then you could start taking steps to free your mind of anxiety, dread, fear, greed, compulsion and hate.

Yes, there are ugly things inside all of us. It’s not your fault. I blame modern advertising for filling you with anxious desires and fears.

The Golden Rule states, “treat others the way you want to be treated.” The problem is, if you don’t have a truly meditative mind, then your mind is still a selfish one-- the way you want to be treated is informed by selfish, ego-defending iterations of the mind.

The Platinum Rule states, "do unto others as they would have you do unto them, not as you would have them do unto you."

Whoever thought of the Golden and Platinum rules, in my opinion, are assholes.

Here’s the Dirt Rule:

“Keep it real, not correct.”

By keeping it real from one’s perspective, one can become progressively smarter and self-aware of how their actions impact others, faster. I say, let your selfishness expose itself, so you may destroy it in the present moment.

“But transparentZak, what gives you the right…”

Well aren’t you selfish. Let people keep it real, stop correcting them. Just share rational dialogue, share experiences of true, loving, co-meditation, rather than going, “stop keeping it real from your perspective, stop, listen to mine.”

The truth is in negotiating what is real, not the stopping of sharing authentic consciousness.

If CTM works for a diversity of people, then the temporary frustration of dealing with someone’s honesty for a few months will pay off for life. With Donald Trump as president, and automated advertising already deployed today, we need people to meditate, starting now. Otherwise you idiots will keep eyes glued to the TV and the Washington Post, completely missing the news of NOW.

By the way, Netflix bores me now. Sitting in the moment is far more enthralling than watching  people try to perform on screen. That’s how present I am with reality. I be, and through that be, I actualize my dreams with ACTION for hours out of the day.

My objective is to make it clear how to replicate what I did, as soon as possible.

I invite you to watch this short film by Ian Mackenzie:

This YouTube video by Ajahn Dtun offers a clear, structured discussion of mindfulness:

What I propose with Cognitive Transparency Meditation, is to allow the mind to express and permanently record through social media, selfish iterations. Once these iterations are expressed, once the world is aware of one’s core anxieties, then one can be released, and potentially break through to Beginner’s Mind.

Prepare to go
from the speed of anxiety
from the speed of trauma
from the speed of hate and ignorance
and the speeds of narcissism
prepare to go my love
the speed of action,
the speed of your name
the speed of your woke eyes and troubled whimper of your curious voice,
let GO. For the speed of your love.

Thank you,

Zak Wear, 2:14pm PST, 4/20/18