Dawn of An Era


Practicing Cognitive Transparency

I think I stumbled on a new way of meditating. It's simple, but not easy to do. You might work a job, or have a career, and those things might keep you from taking this chance. But if you're not a meditator, and you want to have the benefit of a clear, non-anxious mind, then I can only invite you to try what I tried in your unique, and personal, way.

For 2 months I systematically published my honest, exact iterations passing through my mind on social media. I published my thoughts even though people close to me thought it was embarrassing, or humiliating, or concerning. Don't worry, though-- I think what I did will evetually be considered a normal family therapy practice.

I call this method of meditation, Cognitive Transparency. Cognitive Transparency Meditation (CTM) can be practiced by anyone, anywhere with internet access. By staying committed for some period of weeks, one can exercise their, "Now muscle" into having a strong, clear mind by allowing repetitive, traumatic and anxious thoughts to finally pass and dissolve. You can't be ashamed, or anxious of something the world already knows about you.

And trust me, corporations already know what you think anyway, so why not let your friends and family see your anxious thoughts for a few weeks before breaking through to, "Beginner's Mind?"

If other people try this and it doesn't work, then I will ask scientists hard questions about how we can replicate my experience.

Before I attempted this project my mind was wrapped in constant thought and worry about what to do next. As a community organizer and now social entrepeneur, I felt extremely overwhelmed. 

By keeping it real, not correct, I was able to finally let GO! I look forward to sharing much more with you about the possibilities of CTM. For now, I must rest.

Thank you,

transparentZak Wear at 12:37am, 4/19/18