Countering Narcissism

With Donald Trump as President, it’s important for people in the grassroots to actively counter narcissistic personalities. Below are experimental campaigns to test the possibilities of countering narcissistic leaders in positions of authority. You can’t definitively prove someone is on the narcissistic spectrum without a full psychological examination, but you can track and confront narc behaviors.


FAQ On Countering Narcissism

As a community organizer and communications analyst I dedicated my life to social change. Over 10 years I worked in a variety of situations from campaigns to studying the way people communicate social issues. Then I woke up to the reality that I was a codependent, and as a codependent I allowed myself to be manipulated by and often reflect narcissistic behaviors.


Hey Seminary, I Want My Money Back

As a former co-dependent, I was vulnerable to being sucked into unhealthy organizations. Going to SKSM proved to be a key step on the path of realizing how covert narcissistic abuse works. This isn't the educational experience I paid almost $40K for. I’m protesting my seminary for a full refund.

Gayle’s weird book cover..

Gayle’s weird book cover..

Richmond Progressive Alliance

For 6 years I was a core organizer in the Richmond Progressive Alliance. An example of how old rich white people create, “high demand groups” (cults) of personality around themselves and groom tokens and codependents.


Spirit Rock (Coming Soon)

I didn’t identify with meditation before attempting transparentZak. Going to Spirit Rock and reaching out to it’s staff ended up just being part of my journey. I felt their responses to my situation lacked humility and empathy. While I’m not enthusiastically proud of what I did, it made me realize how stream of consciousness writing illuminates the division between those who experience and naturally extend empathy, and those who make compassion a kind of elaborate performance you have to train yourself to do.

Western Buddhism is in crisis. Major leaders are being exposed for systemic sexual, financial and psychological abuse. The people at Spirit Rock are closely aligned and have made series of meditation products with such predators. This protest is not only to mirror their hypocrisy, but to open up dialogue about how Buddhism can and should prepare people for the automation revolution.