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February 21st, '18 Subject: transparentZak

Zak Wear <>Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 2:25 PM



Dear Jack,

It was a trip meeting you on Monday night. I actually didn't plan to go until Carl Groff, father of my girlfriend Tierra Groff, and his friends were on their way to Spirit Rock after dinner and I decided it was time to give it a try. I never heard of you before Monday.

Attached are screenshots of the text messages I showed you on Monday night, for whatever enrichment it offers. The fact that I iterated, "homies" before your teaching had substantial discussion about gangsters and home boys, among other extraordinarily-framed thoughts, I loved every minute of it. Possibly-perfectly real, thank you for pacing with me, I did feel you holding me throughout. If anything, I can interpret my experience to be an example of how our human minds are often operating in dynamic consensus beyond comprehension. 

Also attached is a photo of my childhood congregation with its octagonal as opposed to SR's hexagonally-designed sanctuary.

It's also fun enough for me to name, this experience became what I now playfully call my, Third Major Doubt we are currently living in a kind of artificial simulation. 

As humans, we do spend most of our time looking at each other and thinking about each other. It makes sense for us to then, link up into these powerful coincidences sometimes. These coincidences can tell us a lot about what ideas or culture other people might find compelling or enriching to their lives.

Thank you so much for the gifts you have to share with the world. As a gift to you, it is my, as modestly as I can, pleasure to offer a glimpse of a 21st-Century interpretation of ministry that I intend to share with the world, an identity I term, the, "Transparent Professional." 

You will see at the bottom of this email not just a draft introduction of this concept, but also a confidential email that I sent to my organizing community, earlier in the day on Feb. 19th, explaining the context of this project. They are not yet aware of the transparentZak brand or strategy.

I'm not seeking feedback or affirmation of any kind at this time, anything you feel led to offer will simply be appreciated. Later, I may share with you the transcript for my introductory speech, which will be about an hour long and posted online. 

I currently have no plans to share this transcript with anyone else, it is important to keep any well-intentioned editing out of my perspective for this particular step in the project. 

There are real limitations to my or anyone's individual genius. I realize there is a presence of genius and commitment inherent to all humans, at least at core the drive to thrive. I believe, after learning by the example of previous professional generations, by bringing together groups of geniuses into forms of rational consensus, that's where we can unlock the world and feel rich in whatever manner we choose. 

My work, as I see it, is about facilitating transparent and rational dialogue about the nature of reality, and responding competently with specific economic projects to re-shape our reality. May we all have an opportunity to be fierce, committed and transparent geniuses, as one chooses, in our time.

"do not take too much stock in the power of your stories"

You said something like that, point definitely taken. Since Monday I have felt plenty of support from my communities to take steps as an activist and entrepreneur concerning Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, as developed by the crypto currency markets. So I'm settled and empowered on what I'm gonna try, here.

I hope your travel in India feels fruitful and engaging. I'll keep learning, being imperfect now, and every step into the future, is part of being a Transparent Professional (my intro video, for example is going to be shot in one take, unless I have an anxiety attack and we have to start over.) I look forward to learning more and assigning more cultural dimension to my religious practice and perspective. Will be a lot of fun, I think, for people to see how flecks of Buddha dharma impact my day to day decisions and analysis as a Transparent CEO, or tCEO (as opposed to anonymous, aCEO's). 

For better and for worse, my vision is to embody Musk, Nye, and Trump.. We'll see where the journey takes me, it's just about being who I think I truly am. Meditatively "tend your garden," yes shape your life according to purpose and rest and personal identity-- not just for entertainment or some kind of attention-seeking Truman Show, that's not what I want, but a more substantial and principled way of life that I look forward to living anyway. Thank you again, Jack and take care. I'll keep reading and listening into your stuff in the meantime.

Meet Zak Wear, the Transparent Professional! (TP)

I’m not a fully competent professional! But I’ll give this work an honest try.

My name is Zak Wear. Please consider viewing my video above, where I introduce myself as a person and discuss the projects I’m excited to work on. Thank you for visiting my page, it is an honor.

I look forward to a thoughtful, transparent, real, rational and whenever we can, loving dialogue. For better and for worse, this statement is exclusively drafted and edited by me alone. My statements here in no way reflect the views of other individuals or organizations. Content on transparentZak will be from me unless otherwise indicated, and OysterUpdate's analysis about the Oyster Protocol and other DAO's will be drafted and edited with a rational consensus of Transparent and Anonymous Professionals.

Thank you,

Zak Wear, TP ;)

Uncut Video: I’m sharing this uncut video so people have as much opportunity as possible to see I’m not just captured by narcissism. Video includes proof of fitness and proof of drug test completion, subsequent to the taping. LINK HERE


Step 1. Zak embarrasses himself

-- MS paint drawing by Zak, intense Zak facing camera, stressed-looking stick man

Step 2. Sympathetic geniuses (you, yes you) help Zak

-- MS paint drawing, black + signs and different-colored smiley faces tightly overlapped

Step 3. Profit.

-- MS paint, drawing of the moon and stars

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Zak Wear <
Date: Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 12:25 PM
Subject: Resignation Notice
To: RPASC <>,RPA-SC-Discussion <>

Dear RPA,

I am so excited and scared in a good way for the future we share together. However, unfortunately I must inform you that I resign from the Richmond Progressive Alliance Steering Committee. This resignation intends no negative reflection on the Richmond Progressive Alliance. I believe it is productive to resign right now, my resignation is effective upon the time this email is transmitted.

I believe this resignation is a necessary step in my professional development. In the coming weeks I plan to release a statement announcing my professional formation as a public-facing consumer/investor advocate for the potential impacts of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or as I term some types of DAO's, "anonymous corporations." 

In my view, advances in encryption technology will soon make it user-friendly to form anonymous corporations through what are called, "decentralized applications" or, "dApps." dApp technology already exists, but it is much slower and harder to use dApps than traditionally-hosted websites like Google or Facebook. The cryptocurrency markets are going wild because a dozen+ large software developers are making fast, user-friendly dApps and DAO's possible right now.

These DAO's will not be subject to traditional taxes or regulations, and it will be difficult to track where their goods and services are traded in the real world. In my view, the technological changes we will see by 2020 are dangerously disruptive to the global economy.

Although this possible future sounds terrifying, I see how it will transform our global economy in good ways and potentially get us past neo-liberal capitalism. It's just a matter of being prepared and having constructive, science-focused however possible, dialogue about the possibilites and pursuant policy implications. 

I don't claim to be a DAO expert and I'm not a professional software developer. I see my role to be an avid economic explainer, public intellectual and entrepreneur in this new dApp economy. I will be using a very unorthodox marketing philosophy that could potentially reflect poorly on the RPA. This philosophy could also potentially close doors on a number of potential partnerships, but I'm clear that my role at this point is to just keep it real, from my perspective, at all times. In my view, keeping it super real, almost uncomfortably real all the time, is the future of leadership in our troubled world. I'm willing to give radical transparency an honest try, and whatever happens, I'm planning to retire on my 40th birthday anyway. That's April 29th, 2029, plenty of time to embarrass myself and move on with life! ;)

While my work will focus on disussing the potential impacts of DAO's and anonymously-controlled corporations, I will ironically also practice the work of being a radically-transparent kind of professional. People probably won't know what to do with me and how I present myself at first, it might even make some very uncomfortable, and that's okay, that's part of the campaign I envision.

I am taking steps to seek fiscal sponsorship for 501c3 public education and advocacy purposes. It is also possible that I will seek to register with the state as a lobbyist. If a non profit advocate eventually picks me up as a Fellow, great. I will be clear that my activities concerning DAO's are not in any way associated with or endorsed by the Richmond Progressive Alliance.

There are a lot of details and context that I'm leaving out, and am not ready to share yet. I just want to say, please keep going! Keep hope! Please keep leading Richmond and push our future leaders to success! Thank you so much for the experience of transforming Richmond's democracy so far. May we continue to share an amazing, intense and productive journey together.

It's totally fine to not respond to this email if you don't want to. In no way shape or form do I expect formal or informal responses. It is, after all, very overwhelming and still speculative information.

Thank you,

Zak Wear

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March 1st, '18 Subject: update 2

Zak Wear <>Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 10:01 PM


Dear Jack,

Buckle up, I think it's working! Feel free to check videos on by Facebook feed, any time. The latest video, from today is a psych eval done by Marin County Health, and they determined a 5150 was not appropriate at the time.

In the meantime I intend to just relax, keep doing what I'm doing. At the end of the day, your manner of presence completely inspired a level of insight, beyond what I expected to begin with. We'll see where it goes, I don't care about what people think, I just care about what I do, that's the point. Thank you again.


transparentZak Wear

Note for the next emails: I never finished or sent the May 1st proclamation to anybody. Just didn't feel like an important thing to finish as I drove by that part of, "the path" as Buddhists often put it. Again, by keeping it real from my perspective all the time, this social experiment is about testing the limits of how activism could work in the 21st Century.

March 8th, '18 Subject: (DRAFT) Max, here are my next steps

Zak Wear <>Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 7:46 AM

To: Sara For Jack <>


I am sharing with you draft copy of a proclamation I will issue as a self-identified US and Global Citizen on May 1st, 2018. A google doc will be available in the next few days, where anyone with a link can see me work on it.

I am going to model how anyone can, by keeping it real, by being bold with a mind for principle and rational dialogue, can transform the world. Traditionally marginalized Homies and traditionally privileged Bros, unite, with a frank conversation that sheds us of the trigger-happy liberal minds who are still hypnotized by Trump. This work will, eventually, break their hypnosis, break their addiction to cable news outrage porn, and get to work. Real work, for fun.

These actions are exactly intended to destabilize the religious establishment of the progressive left. Deal with it. Share this message, and any other message I have shared with you, with anyone you choose. 

If your religious order refuses me, I will simply invite black and brown Jesuses to do what I'm doing here, in their own, special ways, as they choose. I will work assuming you will do NOTHING, but be gracious and grateful every time you do SOMETHING. It's that simple, a re-imagination of time-tested activist traditions, for the 21st Century.

THIS IS the beginning of a global, socialist revolution. I believe YOU have a distinct responsibility in bringing about that reality, and FIGHTING with EARNEST WILL the fascist oligarchic class, with new, powerful tools. I want your colleagues to control those tools. I need your colleagues to help me build those tools.

If you refuse, I will name your hypocrisy, and the hypocrisy of your institutions. The failure to truly serve stated mission and purpose. 

Individuals and agencies will get only 3 types of grades from transparentZak Wear:

A for ACCEPTABLE response grade
A- for APOLOGIZED response grade.
F for FAKE response grade!

A new, east-west-socialist cultural common sense is being formed today, with or without me. 

More to come.

Thank you,

transparentZachary Wilson Wear

March 7th, '18 Subject: (DRAFT) Max, here are my next steps

Zak Wear <>Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 8:32 PM

To: Kabir Kapur <>

Dear Max,

I love you, and thank you for the gentleness and healing you offered me as a young adult. I saw in Trump what I saw in myself, and I am ressurecting that truth in a radical vision for a global, socialist economy. I am not proud. I am not ashamed, either. I do, I go at the speed of action, as I see fit, now. I know this is an imperfect message.

I am reaching out to you, nominating you as my Initial Point of Contact on behalf of the Friends World Committee for Consultation. Please confirm by 5pm EST, March 9th, 2018 that you have received this message, otherwise I will reiterate it to another Quaker leader of my choosing.

I am about to issue my first official, what I call, "aggressive blessing." I am presenting this project with urgency, care of heart, care of mind, and a bold passion to liberate the tortured souls of Earth as soon, and as efficiently, as possible. I issue it to you becuse you are identified as a visionary, compassionate leader who I believe may be able to impact the campaign objectives I am about to describe.

I now call myself transparentZak Wear, and I have the courage to destroy hypocrisy and defensive narcissism in any institution I see and love, including and especially yours. I choose to embarrass myself for your health and continued radical transformation.

I believe in a world led by rational consensus, not "expert" gatekeeprs. I am about to use an anti-Trumpian, punk vision of western and eastern cultures to dismantle our current assumptions/beliefs, as our minds remain trapped by modern advertising/neo liberal capitalism.

On May 1st, 2018 I will issue through email, a statement to four religious denominations. This statement will be issued to:

The Tibetan Government in Exile

The Friends World Committee for Consultation

The Unitarian Univeralist Association

The Roman Catholic Church

I will test the limits of these religious denominations with a specific set of demands. I realize that I am running a demand campaign without a consitutency. I will earn the trust of constituencies, specifically because I choose to take the risk of making these demands. I am self-aware that I am using an unorthodox political strategy. That's the point, you won't have a choice but to pay attention, early, because you don't know how powerful my campaign will eventually become. This will force all of these leaderships to read what I have to say, as soon as possible.

All four denominations will receive the same set of demands from me, Zak Wear. They will be identitical statements in practical terms.

I will demand each named denomination answer this prompt:

"How will <denomination> commit to keeping Zachary Wilson Wear, 04/29/1989 Alexandria, VA, safe and aware?"

Regardless of the denominations answer, I will demand each denomination to provide me, Zak Wear, a 5-day, 40 hour training program, hosted at their official denominational headquarters. This training can consist of whatever the denomination chooses, between academic, ritual or athletic exercises, including having me sit in a room in the Vatican for 5 business days.

Any arrogance or presumptuousness I present in these messages is immaterial to the very real possibility of a fascist, global regime being realized by the corporate elite.

After the training is completed, my demands will further stipulate arrangements for a 5-day conference between myself and whatever diplomatic or executive delegation the denomination chooses to appoint. 

Each denomination has the opportunity to OPT-IN for an additional 5-day (or one day, or 30 minutes, whatever they want) conference, either before or after my presentations, they choose who goes first, to say whatever they want to me.

Both parties can consent to engaging in up to 5 business days of further, mutual negotiations.

Those negotiations, I hope, will help eventually secure commitments from these religious orders to a coherent, global campaign to realize global socialism with the opportunities presented in the automation revolution. I have designed a generation of at least 5 major software products that will fully leverage the opportunities in the decentralized, Web 3.0 paradigm (can be googled.)

The first product is called Socialism Go. It will enable socialist activists the opportunity to project visions of a socialist, automated economy in a Virtual Reality manner. Try Pokemon Go some time and see how you can hold up the phone and see new visions, in real time.

The second major product is called POTLUCK Secure Life Manager. It is a super app that will provide all of the services traditional web 2.0 sites like Google, Facebook, Time Warner provide, but for free, and without privacy invasion. Potluck's communications will not be trackable or throttle-able by ISPs or the federal government.

I will not stop until my products are providing, through artificial intelligence advances, free, secure, and not-for-profit or non-profit, or community/worker-owned solutions for socialist industries in every day life.

This reads like a video game, it reads like fiction, but it's real. I'm demonstrating how the future will look and feel a lot more like Live Action Role Playing, but for work, for real goals. That's why transparentZak will ultimately be part of organizing a global, millennial/Z-led, socialist revolution.

The draft of my statement will be provided, live, as I draft it, at this google doc below. It is subject to change at any time, and it is subject to change based on any feedback I receive from any source, to, in the meantime:


Thank you, love you,

Zak Wear

March 13th, 2018 Subject: Followup from Zak Wear

Zak Wear <>Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 6:59 PM

To: Sara For Jack <>


Hope you're having a good week so far. I just wanted to follow up on the emails I've been addressing to Jack these past couple weeks. I understand to normal folks, what I'm doing is pretty disorienting. I've tried making my intentions clear. 

As you can imagine, starting out on a non-violent, revolutionary campaign for an automated socialism in the United States and abroad, can be pretty overwhelming. So I just wanted to offer a more down-to-Earth check in. If that's possible, considering the situation.

What I'm sending you aren't random ramblings, they actually are draft copy of a proclamation I will be issuing to four religious organizations on May 1st. I will be addressing the Tibetan Government in Exile in the proclamation, and I intent to name Jack Kornfield as an, "Initial Point of Contact" between myself and the Tibetan Government in Exile. I am naming Jack for this role because of his record of demonstrating close ties with Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama.

I also just want to take a moment to briefly explain the transparentZak campaign strategy. You'll notice in my initial email addressed to Jack, I included a resignation email addressed to the Richmond Progressive Alliance. That email explained with some detail my intention of launching a potentially-controversial campaign, for the purposes of operating as a consumer advocate on automation and encryption-related issues.

I'm aware I missed a self-imposed deadline for sharing a google doc with the proclamation. 

By never hesitating to show and acknowledge my own hypocrises, including the fact that I'm a White Savior, frees me to illuminate the hypocrisy of leaders and institutions holding my generation back.

A core goal of the transparentZak campaign is to shut down, to ruthlessly shame the institutions holding up or cooperating with the multinational corporate elite, and empower young people of color all over the world with the possibilities of the automation revolution. And secure our governments, all over the world, for corruption-free democratic socialism.

I think if my actions does anything real to deliver such a goal, makes me Gandhi or something, right? Come on!

Just kidding.

This afternoon during regular therapy, Alexandra told me that you forwarded to her the emails I've addressed to Jack, maybe with the suggestion that you haven't shared any of them with Jack. What your office chooses to do with my emails is up to you, that's your professional choice. I think it's great for you to share these emails with Alexandra, with the press, anyone you choose. Tierra Groff, my fiance and daughter of Carl Groff, who I believe have been attending Spirit Rock for years, are fully aware of what is going on here, too.

My campaign is fighting for a new common sense about privacy, because we don't have privacy, none of us. And we won't have privacy as we knew it in the 1970's, ever again. It's time to grow up and stop acting like we have privacy, have courage, confront ourselves, confront the corporatists, and rebuild our communities.

I just want to definitively confirm a few things real quick:

  1. Do you have any questions about the transparentZak campaign, based on the information I have provided you so far?
  2. Do you, as administrative surrogate for Jack Kornfield, definitively accept or refuse further communications from me, at this time?
  3. Does Jack Kornfield acknowledge that I have named him as Initial Point of Contact for a revolutionary statement addressed to the Tibetan Government in Exile? Note I am not asking whether he accepts, but whether he has acknowledged the event of me naming him for this role.

While I do not have definitive proof, I believe you and Jack fully understand the messages I have been sending to you. To normal people, it doesn't make sense. But you're smart people. You probably understand the nuances of how I am disrespecting you. My campaign will bring you smart people out from the shadows, by shaming your hypocrisy, by shaming your stale methods and institutions. 

It's time for the smartest people on Earth to become better people, themselves. Including Jack.

Jack Kornfield's response to my initial appeal was mute. I respected that, at the time, given the context. But I question traditional Buddhism's complicity in courting the terrors of neo-liberal capitalism. People have suffered because Tenzin Gyatso, I will offer him the respect of addressing him by that name, has chosen to lead a career of NOT keeping it real all the time. 

I understand Tibet had to make sacrifices to survive. Of course I can speak for myself and say, I forgive the concessions made to save Tibetan and buddhist culture. The billionaires are insane and they will use anyone, at any time, to make money off of culture. But now, I will not forgive further--mute responses--in regards to the automation revolution.

If you and Tibetan leadership choose to keep your heads in sand, it will only serve to embarrass you and your legacies. I acknowledge that I'm doing this in an outrageous and provocative way, it is to make this interesting for other people to read, later. Right? People are hypnotized by Trump because he keeps it real all the time, so I'm trying the same thing, but for good goals, not evil goals.

Anyway, this manner of activist writing is also intended to test the limits of activism in the 21st Century. I fully understand and accept that I won't be successfull this time, but others will see what I'm doing, and do it better than me. I call those folks, "black and brown Jesus-es."

Activist innovation, satire, performance art, you can call my campaign a lot of things. But one thing is for sure: I am, as the kids call it these days, woke. I'm woke, that doesn't make me more than a normal human being with normal human limitations. But I'm going to continue being aware of the political realities facing us, and this campaign is happening. Just doing you the favor of offering a heads up, as I'm able to offer it.

Thank you,

Zak Wear

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