Meditation for the Automation Revolution

The pace of change over the next 40 years is difficult for most of us to comprehend. Meditation will be a key skill for everyone to learn about in order to be full participants in a society where change happens in unexpected, and exponentially faster ways. These articles are about inviting you to consider how you and/or others might adapt.


Introduction to transparentZak

You might be wondering why some guy is talking about transparency, automation, meditation, and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This introduction explains how I came to find these four seemingly irrelevant subjects to be key discussions about social change over the next 40 years. This isn’t a utopian or dystopian discussion— my motivation exists as an activist who is genuinely concerned about technological disruptions already underway today. Let’s wake up together with earnest, rational dialogue about the possibilities.

Update: transparentZak, One Year Later

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Can, "Lifestreaming" Advance Mental Healthcare?

The worry over one's self image is the primary source of anxiety and depression for most of us. But what if just being radically honest on the internet could unlock your mind into a clear, stable mind?