Narcissists Attack!

I believe I stumbled on a new way to meditate. Here's how to do it:
1. Post your honest thoughts on social media, even if you think it's embarrassing or humiliating (it's not, just do it.)

2. Relax. Take care of your body and let the transformation unfold. You WILL become progressively smarter, faster.

The Narcissists Attack! Series is structured to help you learn how to confront the violent/gaslighting behaviors of narc personalities.


Spirit Rock Protest

I eat my burrito outside of Spirit Rock and explain how weird their meditation center is.

Series continued in, Reboot Religion.


Starr King School for the Ministry

I demand SKSM refund all tuition and fees I have ever paid to them, and for SKSM to re-enroll me and allow me to take online courses until I complete my Masters of Divinity degree.

Series continued in, Reboot Religion.


Family Trauma

Transparency is not trauma, but lies and deflection are. This series is about standing up for yourself when your narcissistic family members invade your space and person.

Series continued in, Zak's Health.