Our Richmond experimental/sample logo, April 2018.

Our Richmond experimental/sample logo, April 2018.

Welcome! Our Richmond practices secular englightenment (sic,) in action.

Elightenment (sic) In Action? It means, this organization is being founded on the practice of meditation. Only through a meditative mind can one begin to objectively view reality, including each other as people. Our Richmond practices co-meditation, specifically, in order to do politics in totally new ways. This is a non-violent, but still quite revolutionary, organization. Read more about meditation and radical transparency at the Our Richmond Blog (coming soon.)

If you think you can't meditate, don't worry, you're welcome to join us in this mental healthcare revolution. Go to therapy! Healthy people go to therapy. By unlocking our minds with meditaiton, it is possible to do what has been termed, Open Source Politics.

Anyone can become a Supporter of Our Richmond. To become a full voting Member, one would first attend an afternoon-long anti-racism, anti-classism training around practicing consent and restorative justice. ORich currently has no full Members, as of 4/19. Our first training will be scheduled in May, 2018. Stay updated by following our Facebook page.

Join us on our May 5th potluck picnic at Nicholl Park!! Click for details.

Journey to Make Richmond OURs:

Part 1, Leaving Abuse Behind

Part 2, Meditation In Action

Part 3, Keep it Real, Not Correct

Part 4, Open Source Politics

Part 5, A Transparent City

*Why misspell, "Enlightenment"? To demonstrate non-attachment to the concept of attaining enligtenment, transparency, and imperfection as core values.