Anonymity Risk for Multinational Corporations

Let’s consider two examples of how the encrypted internet could upset the power of multinational corporations.


Myanmar is under US trade sanctions for human rights abuses, but US-based anonymous corporations will continue to transact millions in business with the southeast Asian nation. The Burmese are no suckers, though— they look for accountability from their US counterparts.

Through back channels, Burmese business executives spread word in the right places their need for a team to develop and manage an advanced logging and milling system in jungle environments. US-based financial elites respond by appointing a promising business consultant to manage their investment— secretly forming an anonymous, off-the-books subsidiary called Choppy.

Choppy gets straight to work by developing and debugging AI for a series of Chinese-made logging machines. Speed is the key. As the machines test out, Choppy hires hourly workers to operate the machines remotely when the AI malfunctions or encounters tough conditions.

Nobody on the Choppy team are aware of each other’s identity and there is no real proof or connection to it’s true investors. At the same time, investors get to monitor Choppy’s internal progress live, over encrypted data channels.


It’s 2022, and a constant flow of leaks are exposing trade secrets worth billions of dollars. Stealing intellectual property isn’t simple, but anonymous corporations make it much easier.

FoodWave is a fictional anonymous corporation founded by disillusioned engineers in the food and beverage industry. Made up of former employees to Starbucks, Whole Foods/Amazon, Dominoes and other major firms, FoodWave is formed for one simple purpose: extend the power of automating good food to small businesses. They are stealing the intellectual property of their former employers and, with some tweaking, re-selling it to the public.

FoodWave isn’t exactly a philanthropic operation, but it is a reality many traditional companies face during the transition to a zero marginal cost economy.