Raising Capital for Anonymous Corporations

Traditional companies are facing a new competitor in the market for artificial intelligence products. Tucker Click’s BOXXY is a fictional anonymous corporation that develops and sells software on the internet. Because BOXXY runs on a decentralized application, Tucker Click gets to do business without taxes or regulation. This frees him to design and market AI software without liability.

Because Tucker has shown to be a productive CEO, anonymous investors are willing to buy shares in each of his products as he develops them.

Tucker pre-sells crypto currency tokens for the software he is about to develop, like coins for a car wash. But you could buy 500 car wash coins at $0.10 a piece for a service that could be worth $3 per token if and when the software works. These shares are not taxable or traceable, and they are sold on the open market by investors before and after product launches. These tokens are recycled and re-sold as users lease AI licenses. 

When Tucker Click first started BOXXY, he wanted to create an AI to help researchers track ducks around the world. So Tucker set out to invent Duck Tracker v1 by writing a white paper and issued an Initial Currency Offering of Duck Tracker cryptocurrency tokens. Tucker estimates that if Duck Tracker works as advertised, a year after launch, about 100,000 air and water-borne drones around the world will use it every 24 hours. For every 24 hours of operation on Duck Tracker v1, researchers will pay an estimated $10 per day. Tucker raises the capital he needs to write and launch Duck Tracker by creating a pool of 200,000 Duck Tracker license tokens and pre-selling them to investors for $1 each. This raises $200,000 in capital for Tucker to develop the software.

When Duck Tracker is launched, each token can be traded to run the program for a day. It is a value-based peg of 1 token for 1 day of service. If a token is used to lease the Duck Tracker AI for 24 hours, Tucker Click receives the token and may resell it on the open market. It is possible to reconfigure this arrangement to be more favorable to investors, or redistribute a percentage of used tokens back to investors/current token holders.

Tucker Click can further update Duck Tracker to increase the value of the service, thereby increasing token value. If lots of people use Duck Tracker, then it is easy to scale the service to new customers and render a dividend to investors at the same time.

When 50% plus 1 of all Duck Tracker Tokens are being licensed in a given 24 hour period, the value peg doubles. In this example, Duck Tracker v1 launches in May 2024, and in the first week an average of 4,300 drones are running on Duck Tracker every 24 hours, but on October 11th 2024 a total of 100,001 drones use Duck tracker in the same day. At 12:01am UTC on October 12th, the value of 1 Duck Tracker token doubles so one only needs 0.5 tokens to license the software for a day. The ownership of these tokens will not be traceable and as such, not taxable assets.

Instead of having to buy a share of Microsoft to own a share of Microsoft Word software, it is already possible to buy shares of specific software products that are licensed this way as, “utility tokens” online. Alternatively, BOXXY could distribute cryptocurrency (shares) to distribute profit across the entire company.

After a successful launch of Duck Tracker, Tucker Click issued an Initial Currency Offering of 10,000,000 BOXXY shares as ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain network. Only 500,000 BOXXY shares sold, raising $500,000 in capital. No problem, Tucker uses these funds to start two new projects, Drone Carrier and Money Printer. Profits from Drone Carrier and Money Printer are automatically redistributed equally to all 10,000,000 BOXXY shares. Investors get 5% of net earnings, and Tucker keeps 95%.

Anonymous corporations will help bridge the human-ran economy to the robot-ran one. Once high-quality robots are linked to an encrypted internet, the automation revolution will continue to accelerate.

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