Transparent Professionals Lead the Automation Revolution

What if Steve Jobs, or Rupert Murdoch wore a body camera to work every day? How different would things be?

They probably wouldn’t because in their economic paradigm, profit motive drives secrecy. In Soup for Black Jesus, we already visited the trend of a zero marginal cost economy. Increasingly our economic activity will be based on open source hardware and software at low or no marginal cost (profit.)

If economic incentive to maintain trade secrets is diminished, how will the market respond? Today, many are eager for leadership with much more honesty and vulnerability. People are only going to become more anxious about the transition to a world run by artificial intelligence and leaders like Mark Zuckerberg don’t exactly boost confidence.

Instead of blindly putting our faith in people to run billion dollar systems with the power to make or break our lives, and instead of waiting for so-called, “trustless” technologies to be invented, we support a few transparent professionals?

Consider the possibility of training a cohort of business executives, engineers and analysts to run the production of a product or service with full transparency (structured to abide with state and federal laws) to the public. If this were feasible, wouldn’t this company by default be more trustworthy than it’s competitors?

Today thousands of people are live streaming while they work, police officers record every interaction on body cameras, our astronauts have almost every personal metric evaluated. Is it such a stretch to imagine a business publish its work in real time?

Maybe if we had transparent professionals, we could enter times of disruptive change with a deeper connection to our humanity.