Introduction to transparentZak

You might be wondering why some guy is talking about automation, meditation, and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This introduction explains how I came to find these four seemingly irrelevant subjects to embody key discussions about social change over the next 40 years. This isn’t about becoming fixated on specific utopian or dystopian fantasy— my motivation exists as an activist to learn how to communicate these issues with compelling illustrations.

My name is Zak Wear and I spent 10 years working between community organizing, going to seminary, and strategic communications research. When Bitcoin hit $10K/unit, I studied encryption technology intensively and made over $100K on investments as a result of that research. What I learned about the future of cryptography and automation shocked me. My worldview completely changed in ways I never anticipated.

Transparency and Automation

“Privacy” as we know it today doesn’t exist. Most of us understand that multinational corporations like Facebook and Google already know almost all there is to know about us. But advances in encryption technology are introducing a paradigm shift in how our lives will be impacted by artificial intelligence. When governments and Internet Service Providers cannot monitor or throttle internet traffic, when AI can further outpace the already stretched regulatory systems we have in place today. We need to give up our pre-existing notions about what, “privacy” even means. We may have to rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) to facilitate a transparency-based way of life to protect democracy and enforce laws. Learn more in the Automation Section.

Understanding the importance of transparency and automation leads to the question, “how do we build trust in leaders who control AI, not just trust in AI systems?” This question led to the idea of, “Transparent Professionals” or people who can be trusted with the power of managing AI systems because their work is fully recorded and accountable to impacted communities. Learn more in, Transparent Professionals Lead the Automation Revolution.

Automation and Meditation

Automation will continue to push reality to exponentially faster rates of change. This trend presents unprecedented challenges to mental health. In short, if you can’t meditate, you will feel too psychologically overwhelmed by the pace of change to fully participate in society.

Transparency and Meditation

The good news is, it’s likely that radical honesty is an important part of realizing a focused, meditative mind. Expressive writing or, “brain dumping” is proving out as a way to reduce cognitive load in patients with worry-based anxiety. Publishing one’s stream of consciousness in writing or video acts to overload top of mind thinking, forcing the mind to develop focus and let go of anxious, discursive thinking. You can’t be anxious about something the world already knows about you. Being completely honest and vulnerable makes one progressively smarter and more present in the moment, faster. Learn more in the article, Can “Lifestreaming” Advance Mental Healthcare?

To model this concept I made the choice to become, “transparentZak,” by publishing stream of consciousness in writing and video. I felt an intense personal calling to just try this, and I fully accepted the possibility of any consequences I could face socially or professionally from being brutally honest in real time.

Automation and Counter Narcissism

Since the beginning of civilization, people with narcissistic, sociopathic and psychopathic personality disorders have demonstrated a pathological drive to manipulate our institutions for power and/or profit. It is too dangerous to allow malignant narcissists the power to wield AI, especially if that power is backed by publicly-traded corporations. Empathy-centered culture is key to a successful transition with AI. Learn more about the potential of using encryption and AI to subvert law in the Automation Section.

Transparency and Counter Narcissism

Transparency ultimately supports empathic behavior and counters regressive, narcissistic behaviors. With Donald Trump as President, it is important to develop awareness about how narcissistic abuse and behavior works. With awareness, all of us can work to counter narcissistic disorder in our communities, workplaces and families. Learn more about Narcissistic Personality Disorder and the potential of revamping community organizing to counter narcissism in, The Wake Up Kit.

Meditation and Counter Narcissism

As one becomes more present in the moment, the more one can wake up to the often subtle ways one gets manipulated by others. Narcissistic abuse can be a terrifying, exhausting thing to confront. Because narcissists have a pathological need to dominate you and keep you as, “narcissistic supply,” they have an endless reserve of energy to keep gas lighting you into submission. The good news is keeping it real, heals. While your narcissistic boss or father might HATE your transition to keeping it real, and losing you as controllable supply, your honesty brings calm and meditation.