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POTLUCK Secure Life Manager


Socialism GO!


Potluck is a secure, perfectly private recreation of the social media and communications services you need. It's time to start a new platform.

With Potluck, you will be able to organize your communities with specific, step-by-step trainable projects to make an automated, global socialist society possible. Potluck is made up of yards, tables and servings. Eventually all such compontents of creating our products and services will be automated and brought into worker and community ownership, bot by bot.


Socialism GO! will make it possible for groups of community organizers to cast artistic visions of a future, automated economy in a live, Augmented Reality environment. No matter where you are outdoors or in a building, if you have internet access, you can play Socialism GO!

Early, alpha access to this platform will only be available to organizations and individuals who have proof of being publicly identified as, "socialist" or "activist" or "advocate" with a record of left-leaning politics on or before May 1st, 2018.


Unlike traditional political organizations, Our Richmond is being founded as a fully transparent operation. There will be no secret, "strategic meetings." If an Our Richmond leader has something to say about politics, they are invited to do it as part of our public process. Our Richmond will fully publish, at the very least:

1. Internal emails, on a weekly or monthly basis.
2. Live video of major meetings.
3. Statements, platform positions, policy proposals, in draft phase. Literally the Google Doc is public before words start getting typed in.

This policy will make it possible for Our Richmond to practice, "Open Source Politics."

"Keep it real, not correct" is Our Richmond's founding motto. By working collaboratively and transparently, it is easier to suspend judgment of people's personal views and just get straight to the point of working together for rational consensus.