The Real Peace Force


Under Construction, updated 4/30/18

The REAL Peace Force

Are you dealing with anxiety, depression? Maybe the meditation method I stumbled upon can help you improve your life, or help you focus your mind. Here's some quick notes on what you're seeing, here:

  • I posted my honest thoughts and feelings on social media for a couple months and as a result, I broke through to what meditators call, "Beginner's Mind." I call this method, Cognitive Transparency Meditation. (CTM)
  • So far, nobody told me they tried this method for themselves.
  • I'm setting up an organization to practice CTM called Real Peace Force. This isn't a paramilitary or violent organization of any kind, it's a Live Action Roleplaying Game for people to give meditation, and the mental health tools from their therapists, an earnest try in a safe and hopefully fun space.
  • If you're interested in trying CTM with Real Peace Force, then note the following:
    • An 8-week, online Basic Training course will start on Thanksgiving Day, 2018. On the first day, you'll be prepared to lovingly let friends and family know you're about express yourself honestly for a couple months!
    • Participants will be required to simply prove they are regularly seeing a licensed therapist, or M.D. psychiatrist at least 30 days before and during the course.
    • Participants may apply AND participate anonymously. It is possible CTM's benefits will work for anonymous participants.
    • $270 cost to attend, fundraising will be done to reduce costs/fund scholarships.
    • There is no guarantee for results and if you want to participate, you'll sign release forms that idemnify me from liability. Please don't sue me!
    • To apply, email with your interest. Application forms will be made available in mid 2018.