Zak Wear Protests Starr King School for the Ministry

Anti-Narcissistic Mindfulness, In Action!


Welcome to Buddha-HuffPo. :D My name is Zak Wear. I'm a 29 year-old community organizer and meditator. While this author still has quite the ego, it is an increasingly self-aware one!

Recently I attempted a social experiment called, "transparentZak" where I posted my exact, honest iterations passing through my mind on social media. As you can imagine, it got pretty intense pretty quick. I didn't identify as a meditator before doing this, but on February 27th I woke up to Beginner's Mind. As of June 4th, I'm present with Beginner's Sunyata. In a word, Sunyata is a state of being continually connected to the present moment, without discursive thoughts about the past or future coming into mind. You can learn more here, at www.ctmeditation.com(updates coming.)

Anyway, one of the results of doing transparentZak is my realization of how narcissistic abuse has influenced my life. This includes my experience at Starr King School for the Ministry.