Releasing the Illusion of Privacy

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Here we go!

It was a drizzly day in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Sarah Cooper steps off of the J train with her hoodie up. She’s coming home from a job she loves-- analyzing financial documents for a small accounting firm in East Midtown, Manhattan.

Sarah’s tired, she had a long day at work. She’s been single for 9 months and the anxiety of being, “alone” is continuing to repeat in her mind more vociferously. The pressure is on. “What’s wrong with me?” Sarah goes to the gym 3 times a week, eats well, and likes to think she’s a sociable, albeit a little conservative. She identifies as a rather private person.

Grab Pattern Inc. is a new company that specializes in automated, Hyper Advertising. By just purchasing the data about Sarah Cooper on the open markets, Grab Pattern’s artificial intelligence program has designed just the ad, targeted for Sarah.

While Sarah surfs Facebook, she notices something alarming. It’s an advertisement about PANTIES, but not any advertisement about panties. In the ad, there is a male model who looks uncannily like an ex-boyfriend from 7 years ago.

Her heart starts beating, it’s like a hallucination. A dream. The advertisement is for a company called SoftTown Panties and invites you to visit their site.

Sarah Cooper closes her laptop. She’s never seen anything like this before. “What the FUCK?!” Feeling manipulated, Sarah swears she will never buy SoftTown Panties.

That weekend, Sarah realizes her wardrobe does need some updating. Her anxieties about being single are in high gear, she wants to solve this problem. So to stick it to SoftTown, she goes shopping and buys some Hardcore Panties before going to the gym.

The problem is, Hardcore Panties is owned by the same company as SoftTown. Both companies are subsidiaries of Evil Inc. By using Grab Pattern’s technology, Evil made Sarah Cooperate. Money is made and champagne is popped at Evil Inc, every day.