Welcome to the original ourmeditation.org website, by transparentZak Wear. Content on this side of the website do not reflect the future views of Our Meditation Revolution, they only reflect the imperfect personal iterations of Zak Wear, at the time he wrote them.

Caution: If you do not meditate, it is possible you will start feeling distress or anxiety while reading/watching the content on this website. It's a wild ride for most people. Listen to your body while navigating this site. If a wave of discomfort comes up for you, please stop at the sentence you just read, or pause the video and take a break. Try meditating and let the thoughts pass over you, see if you can, "watch" your anxious thoughts as they go by, like weird-looking fish in a stream. The fish will progressively look less scary, and eventually look beautiful, as you become a meditator. This site is designed to make you self-aware of how self-fish behaviors work. Becoming self-aware is painful, it's suffering, your mind and body are, "working out" from a meditation perspective. Only meditation and mental healthcare treatment will allow those pains to pass. If you experience violent or suicidal thoughts, PLEASE stop and seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you're not in therapy, I don't care who you are, please start going to therapy. Thank you.


Welcome to my campaign to end Global Narcissism. To support this process, I welcome you to first:

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Then! You can read my book (I’m still working on it,) The Sock Bible:

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To further support this advocacy work, I welcome you to donate to the online fundraising page below. I work very hard and need to pay medical expenses, travel expenses, and hire people to help Our Meditation Revolution expand:

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I understand this project may seem confusing to many at first. But frankly, I’m still working on it. With patience and perseverance, I believe we will make a significantly more self-aware world, possible.

(the About, Contact, Blog and Projects pages remain under construction. Thank you for your patience. Latest update 4/20/18.)


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