Zak's Dream




Alright, I gotta share what my all time life goal is, now. Check out this picture of the USS Ronald Regan, a Nimitz-class nuclear-powered super carrier. Ronald was ordered for production in 1994 (way to keep it "bipartisan," Mr. Clinton) and commissioned in 2003. Aboard are an average of 5,580 service people, between the ship crew and the air wing.

Before I share my lifetime goal, I should share Gary Vaynerchuk's story. Gary Vee owns Vayner Media, among many other companies. Since he was a kid, Gary's been talking about how his all time life goal is to get rich enough to buy the New York Jets.

Nice story. I like it. He's from an immigrant family, raised in Queens, grew up working in the grocery store his family operates in New Jersey. Dog bless, and I say that without sarcasm because dogs have done a lot more practical things than God in supporting us as a human race.. Right?

Anyway, my LIFE goal now, and this is beyond what I'd like to accomplish/get fired/retire from, in creating Potluck or Socialism Go or Confront Conspiracy, or ShellHub... Aside from being socialism's software developer.

Maybe some queer kid somewhere has already dreamed this. I as a socialist revolutionary won't stop until I get the USS Ronald Regan mothballed of all military hardware, refitted for cloning formerly-exinct species, and re-commissioned with the name USS Auto Gaia.

The USS Auto Gaia will be complete with a mural of Octavia Butler on one side, and a computer-generated mural of the human pussy on the other side. Gotta fly the rainbow flag, too.

If I do a good job in this campaign, they'll hurry to recycle USS Ronald Regan well before I can get my hands on her. Socialism, GO!

Life's a video game, choose to think and play freely. This is an advertisement for social change.

Zak Wear, March 20th, 2018